Witchfire Blade

The evil Witchfire Blade

weapon (melee)

The Witchfire is an incredably powerful artifact. It is a potent anti-spellcaster weapon and is capable of raising the dead. It is also dangerous; any low level characters using it may become injured.

  • Witchfire is a +2 greatsword, +5 vs spellcasters (Both arcane and divine)
  • Detect evil will report an overwhelmingly evil aura.
  • Any character below 10th level wielding the blade will recieve 4 negative levels. Good characters of any level will incur a further 2 negative levels. The negative levels are not permanent but remain as long as the blade is being wielded by that character. The negative levels cannot be overcome by any means including the spell Restoration.
  • If a spellcaster of less than 10th level touches the blade they will be subjected to 20XP drain per round. If the PC makes a Will Save (DC 14) they will realise that something is wrong and they will be compelled to drop the weapon. If the player looses a total of 100XP they will imediately take temporary 1 point loss to Str (no save) and a Fort save (DC 16) is required to remain concious. The strength point is regained after 12 hours of not wielding the Witchfire. The lost XP however cannot be recovered.
  • If the Witchfire is used to slay a spellcaster the victims soul is captured within the blade, no save possible. The souls can be extracted by advanced magical techniques. The souls within can be destroyed with a cleansing ritual, the specifics of which are currently only known to Vahn Oberen. The sword can aparently hold an unlimited number of souls but this has not been tested during modern times.
  • If a spellcaster uses the blade to kill another spellcaster then the killer will recieve 2% of the dead spellcaster’s XP, under certain condition, such as those orchestrated by [Vahn Oberen) some years ago then this may be increased to 50%. No character can ever absorb more than 35,000 XP per year.
  • The sword is also a powerful necromantic energy radiator, unless shielded by one inch of metal or 6 inches of stone it will bring all manner of undead creatures to life around it.
  • Any undead that are raised by the witchfire will be under the wielders control, as well as any undead creatures of less than 4HD within the blades control area will also fall under te wielders control. All undead within its area wil also be compelled to travel towards it.
  • The control area for the blade is as follows; 50 yards if no one wields the blade, 100 yards if wielded by a 10th level character, 200 yards if by a 15 level character, and 400 yards if wielded by a 20th level character. above this level it gets really nasty.
  • The witchfire grants the wielder the “Death” domain as if he were a 20th level cleric.
  • If a character is of at least 10th level then the character may atempt to destroy the witchfire using a 2 minute ritual results of this will follow later.
  • The blades wielder will become attuned to it after 1 week of use and they will be able to sense its location even if it is encase within metal and stone as described above.
    *Lastly the witchfire cannot be detected by any sort of divinatory magic.

Witchfire’s History

The blade Witchfire is a powerful artifact forged and enchanted ages ago by an unknown artisan in the time of the Thousand Cities. It is told to be one of the 13 legendary Fell Blades, perhaps the most powerful of them all. The details of its construction are lost to antiquity, but rumors of its terrible abilities can be found in certain obscure ancient texts. Some say he who wields it can lead an army of the dead; others speak of its ability to capture the souls of its victims. There is truth to both rumors and more.
Dexer Sirac, the leader of Raelthorne the Elder’s feared Inquisition and the man who would become Vahn Oberen, learned of the blade about five years before the king was deposed by his younger brother Leto. Sirac knew that if the Witchfire had even a fraction of the power attributed to it by legend, it would be a formidable weapon, and he resolved to find it.
It took years of research, but Sirac finally uncovered the Witchfire’s resting place—a network of caves below Castle Moorcraig upon the eastern coast of Cryx. The island was (and still is) a dangerous place occupied by cutthroats, savage trollkin, legions of thralls, and worse. It is the center of the Nightmare Kingdom and domain of Toruk, Lord of Dragons.
Sirac decided that while it was risky to steal the sword from under the snout of the Dragonfather, it was a greater risk to leave it where it was, for Toruk would surely learn of it if given enough time. It was with this argument he persuaded his king, and in the winter of 591 AR, Sirac led an expedition to retrieve the blade from where it was entombed. No one outside the Inquisition’s inner circle knows the details of the mission, but Sirac did retrieve the Witchfire and return with it to Cygnar. To this day Toruk appears to be none the wiser about Sirac’s expedition. It was during this time that the Lion’s Coup resolved – the majority of the higher ranking Inquisitors were taken into custody, tracked down in the Kingdom of Cygnar by the new King’s men. It was Sirac’s want for the Witchfire that abaded his escape from custody – perhaps another power of the legendary blade… it wanted to be found – and provided luck for the one who would find it… In the aftermath it is told that Sirac returned to the mainlands with a ship’s crew of thralls, only three mortals (beside Sirac himself) stepped off that boat – Kell Bailoch, ??, and ??.
Within a few short months Dexer Sirac learned nearly everything about the Witchfire’s abilities, and he put it to work for Vinter Raelthorne and the Inquisition, aiding in the escape of many of his allies – including the Elder himself (who found his way to a dirigible…).
In the last days of Raelthorne the Elder’s reign, Sirac also conceived of another plan. This ambitious scheme let him take maximum advantage of the Witchfire’s power personally. He knew that a carefully orchestrated event carried out at the right time, in the right place, and with the right victims would gain him tremendous power in one stroke. Well, five strokes anyway. This is how the framing and execution of the Corvis Coven in 593 AR came to be done under the name of Vahn Oberen – through the rising Corvil Councilman Ulfass Borlock.
Since the executions of the Corvis Coven the whereabouts of the wielder of the blade that took the heads and lives of the 5 witches and the Witchfire blade itself are unknown – even to Sirac. It can be assumed it lay dormant somewhere, as it has not been known of in the near decade since.
Shortly thereafter Vinter Raelthorne was deposed, and Dexer Sirac was forced to go underground and once again assume the identity of Vahn Oberen. Long years passed before Oberen had occasion to return to Corvis and seek a means to recover his lost blade.

The Witchfire is one of the Fell Blades of legend. Perhaps the most powerful, little is known of their creation or connections or histories. What follows is all that is known or guessed.

Witchfire Blade

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