Witch Fire Ascendant

The merchant caravan

The player characters leave Bainsmarket with a trade caravan packed full of produce. The caravans operator Gunner Wadock has hired the PC’s primarily because they were headed int he right direction, that and there have been some mighty strange rumours about widowers wood over the last few weeks. Well that and his gut feeling that there a group of honest mercenaries, the players and the caravan have been travelling for 3 days at a steady pace, having just settled down for the night on the blindwater only one more day awaits them and hopefully it will be as quiet as the other 3 but only time will tell.


The components of the caravan are as follows; Gunner Wadock the caravans leader and owner, Viggo his right hand man and general assistant, next are Connor/Flynn/Kerin the animal handlers. There are 2 large wagons (each pulled by 4 draught horses) as well as 5 pack horses with goods distributed as follows:

1st Wagon- 4x Crate of 6 military rifles, Crate of 12 military pistols, 4x Crates of Holy Texts and Hymnals, 4 Bales of fine furs and skins, 6x Barrels of grain.

2nd Wagon- 10x Barrels of grain, 6x Sacks of Wizards Coal, 2x Polished walnut cases edged in gold and wrapped in oiled cloth, the cases are also lock and Gunner doesn’t have the key.

1st Pack Horse: 2x Strong Boxes (1000 GC).

2nd Pack Horse: 2x Mid grade Cortex’s with fittings.

3rd Pack Horse: 2x Crates of Letters/Parcels.

4th/5th Pack Horse: Player gears as well as supplies for the caravan

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