Gunner Wadock


Gunner Wadock is a tall man (6’3") with broad strong shoulders and a thick Middlunder accent. He is very much to the point as a person and isnt much into fancy plans ad trickery. He is a great believer in calling a Shovel a Shovel. He also has a penchant for cigars (what he calls fine smokes, and everyone else calls fat dirty death sticks).

Despite this he can be a very fast talker and seems to almost know by instinct what wil be able to sell well once he gets it home to Corvis and what will cause him a loss simply by transporting it.

Recently times have got harder, and the cravans have come under increasing attack from unknown figures operating in Widdowers Wood. Due to this and the fact that his current cargo has some very valuable items for sale wihin in (along with a few items for the fraternal order of wizardry) he has hired a team or cravan guards (wandering souls who seem good in a fight and happen to be heading in the same direction). He wasn’t too sure about hiring them for the job but first they came cheap and second they just felt right and he decided to go with his gut.


Gunner Wadock was many moons ago a junior soldier in the Cygnaran army. He rose to the rank of corpral and was stationed to the Thornwood forrest to the North. After a few too many years of hellishly cold winters and long night patrols the young Gunner left army service and set himself up as a Trader witht he merchants guild in corvis, specialising in caravan work and bringing goods into Corvis.

Sometimes Gunner may travel as far north as Khador or even once as far a Rhul in search of fantastic tradable goods to return to Corvis with to sell. At the moment he is running a regular route between Bainsmarket and Corvis, selling everything from weapons, furs and supplies to being a courier for hire. His current operation has 4 employees working for him, his assistant and right hand man Viggo (War1/Exp1), and three animal handlers Connor (Com1), Flynn (Com1) and Kerin (Exp2). He also owns 3 wagons outright and has access to another couple if he needs them as well as all of the relevant pack horses and other beasts of burden.

Gunner Wadock

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