Curency of Cygnar

Cygnaran Coinage

The following coins are in standard use throughout Cygnar and are widely accepted in other kingdoms as well. The following table lists the currency along with its standard value within Cygnar’s borders.

Cygnaran Currency
Farthing- 1 copper
Halfshield- 5 copper
Shield- 1 silver
Groat- 25 copper
Halfcrown- 5 silver
Crown- 1 gold
Swan- 2 gold
Tower- 1 platinum

Exchange Rates
100 Farthings = 1 Shield
100 Shields = 1 Crown
100 Crowns = 1 Tower

Groats are no longer commonly traded (most people prefer to deal in shields and halfshields) but are still used by individuals of the lower classes to whom a crown is quite a bit of money. The upper classes completely mistrust groats due to extensive counterfeiting in generations past. Halfcrowns have been less popular than expected among traders who
seem to prefer to use full crowns or shields. Swans and towers are quite uncommon among the lower classes but appear often enough among those who trade in volume and do not want to be carry heavy coin purses. Showing too many swans or towers (or even crowns) in the wrong circles is a good way to get marked for theft. Most merchants do not enjoy making a lot of change and appreciate a customer who can pay in the right coin.

Curency of Cygnar

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